Two Women, Two Palettes

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Two Women, Two Palettes

Postby rekha2010 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:20 am

Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum: Inspired and trained by her Nigerian master Shadrak, Shanthi Sivaram took to painting by chance. She joined hands with another promising artist Radhika Devaraj to conduct the exhibition ‘Two Palettes’ on Saturday at the Shangri-lla Art Gallery here. This exhibition is the first one for both the painters who took to art by chance and then evolved to like it.

Shanthi who stays in Nigeria, has been painting for more than fifteen years now. Shadrak had trained her in various painting disciplines. Though oil is her favourite medium, Shanthi is also proficient in charcoal painting and knife painting. She is also trained in ‘Batik’- painting on cloth which is native to Indonesia. Shanthi’s passion for painting is evident from her words: “I just go mad after colours, it gives me more happiness than anything else in the world.”

A true art lover, Shanthi is instrumental in popularising Indian culture in Nigeria by organising performances by Indian artists in the African country. Shanthi has more than 150 paintings to her credit, several of which are up for sale at the exhibition.

Radhika on the other hand could not have done anything but painting, given that it runs in her family. Both her parents painted, so did her grandfather. So she took to painting as a child and soon excelled in it. She confined herself to painting landscapes in the beginning-most of them from photographs she took during her travels.

Radhika started doing portraits after she started training under her teacher, Varghese Punalur. Several of the landscapes she had painted in acrylic and portraits (in pencil and in acrylic) are up for sale at the exhibition. Radhika attributes her success to her husband and in-laws, whose unending support was vital to her development as an artist.
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