Blue God’s magical moods

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Blue God’s magical moods

Postby rekha2010 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:19 am

Unless you see a large 'U' shaped Vaishnava tilak mark on his forehead, you might hardly recognise city-based artist Pranay Goswami as a direct descendent of Shrimad Jagadguru Vallabhacharyaji, the founder of Pushtimarg of Vaishnav sect. But his paintings will surely make you know that Goswami belongs to a family devoted to Krishna.

Whether it is endearing face of Krishna with a lotus bud or that with parrots and cows, Goswami has depicted the romantic and serene Lord in all moods in the exhibition titled - 'Visions of Blue God'.

Interestingly, all the 56 paintings that Goswami has displayed in his 11{+t}{+h} solo exhibition that was inaugurated at Sarjan Art Gallery on Thursday by the Maharaj of Kankroli spiritual leader Shri Brijesh Kumarji in presence of Maharaja Ranjitsinhji Gaekwad are based on a single shloka of Shrimad Bhagwat.

The shloka: 'Asanvanastrayo hyasya ghrihnatanuyugam tanuh: Shuklo raktastatha peet idanim Krishnatam Gatah' means 'Look! He is so dark. He has worn a body in every age! Who was fair in previous ages, Crimson Red and Sallow (yellow) colour. He bore all the three colours of body. But now! He is in dark hue hence! He is now called Krishna.'

"I chose the title 'Visions of Blue God' for the series because there is always a question - Why Krishna is called the Blue God? The name Krishna itself means blue, and when the reflection of the blue sky fell on him during the naming ceremony on the sixth day of his birth, Rishi Gargacharya was called to name him. The moment he saw that he is blueish he called him Krishna. Hence my series is totally focused on the hues of the colour blue," says 47 years old Goswami, whose collection of paintings of last six years will remain open till December 16.

What makes Goswami's work different is the way the Krishna has been portrayed without any decorative adornment - unlike depiction of Lord Shrinathji popular in Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

Yet, be it painting of 'Dhori Gaay' depicting Krishna with a single sacred cow in his heart, 'Dhyana' - another painting of Krishna in a meditative mood dreaming of Radha, Krishna's supreme omnipresence and divinity comes out in all of Goswami's paintings.
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