Hallam artist painting on rice papers

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Hallam artist painting on rice papers

Postby rekha2010 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:43 am

TAKE a look at Australian art through oriental eyes.

Chinese artist Yao Di Ming has beautifully captured our country’s traditions, people, landscapes, wildlife and celebrities in water colour, acrylic, oil and wood carvings.

Despite living here for almost 30 years, the Hallam resident has managed to keep his distinctly Chinese style and mesh both cultures to create colourful paintings on traditional Chinese rice paper.

“I have travelled to many places in Australia to paint the landscape and the people, but I like my work to still have a Chinese feel about it,” Di Ming said.

“There is a lot of limitation to what you can paint in China, but here nothing can stop me, I can paint anything I want.”

From funny faced caricatures of presidents and prime ministers to native Australian trees and animals, Di Ming is showcasing more than 20 of his works at the Dandenong Drum Theatre, Lonsdale St, until December 21.

Despite having hundreds of paintings lying around in his house, Di Ming said he has no plans to sell any.

“I just want people to have a look and enjoy my work,” he said.

“When I paint I feel so relaxed, happy and loving, it’s like a therapy.”

Works by the artist, who once taught in Hong Kong, have featured in many Chinese magazines, children’s books and Hong Kong exhibitions.

He hoped someone might volunteer to help him put his paintings onto a website so more people could see and appreciate his passion.
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