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By Ralph SeeramThe horses are out the gates; the 2015 elections campaign is now in overdrive for the next few weeks leading to the May 11 elections. Since the launching of their campaigns last Sunday, both the PPP and the PNC led APNU-AFC have set out their position and themes that will govern the campaign,The APNU-AFC of which the PNC is the majority partner has been placing emphasis on UNITY and CHANGE in its message to voters. I am not too sure what the main theme of the PPP campaign is so far. If it’s there,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the party is certainly not doing a good job of getting it across.By “change” I assume that APNU-AFC means that it time for voters to replace the PPP with the coalition. The party is telling the voters that it can do a better job than the PPP, and there are some who would question that,China NFL Hoodies, but that’s a subject for another day.What is getting my curiosity is APNU+AFC claims that by the coalition the two parties have achieved some sort of “national unity’ one could get the impression that by their merger they have succeeded in having both major races under one umbrella.At least that’s the impression one get gets if one is to believe the APNU-AFC speakers and supporters. But is it really so?The basic premise of the coalition is that they hope to do a repeat performance of the 2011 elections where APNU whose majority partner is the PNC and the AFC will again win a 51% of the votes to form the next government and at the same time achieve some sort of national unity. Much is being made by the coalition of Moses Nagamootoo’s promise to deliver “11% of the Indian votes”. In fact the coalition is depending on those Indian votes dearly to win the coming elections.But the facts do not support the coalition or Moses Nagamootoo’s contention that he can deliver “11 percent of Indian votes”. He and the AFC never got that in the first place.The record will show that the AFC received just fewer than 11 per cent of the electoral votes cast in the 2011 elections. Most of it was indeed siphoned off the PPP supporters in Berbice but certainly not all of those votes.At most probable six to seven per cent of those votes were probably Indian votes. Merging those seven per cent of Indo Guyanese votes to the mainly Afro Guyanese supported APNU could hardly be considered as achieving unity.How are we defining this unity? I mean everyone has been throwing the word around,Camiseta Atletico De Madrid Ni?o, unity,Cheap Jerseys China, unity. Are we talking about unity in terms of racial unity because as far as I am concerned there is racial unity in Guyana, despite what some may feel?Are we talking of unity in the political sense of moving away from racial voting? So if a major political party draws substantial votes from both major races to win an election, would we define that as achieving ‘unity”?I would tend to agree more with the latter, and it would be a welcome change if the voting populace can move away from the current voting pattern.Coming back to APNU-AFC hopes of attaining that magical 51 per cent in the coming election thus achieving “unity”, if we are to accept that logic, and from all appearances that seems to be the contention, then we can safely say the PPP has achieved that distinction since 1992.Yes the type of unity the coalition has been talking about, the PPP has as I said since Guyana had its first free election in 1992 after 28 years of PNC dictatorship. Except for the last elections where the PPP fell narrowly under the 50 per cent mark, they have been winning over 51 per cent of the electoral votes, at one time winning over 55 per cent of the votes cast.Some may not want to accept this fact, but no one party can win an election in Guyana based on racial voting. That party has to get votes from other races to win an election, and the PPP has been doing that, to win elections.It’s the area that the PNC and now major partner in the APNU+AFC coalition failed to achieve, hence this desperation by the opposition for Nagamootoo to deliver on his promised 11 per cent Indian votes.Now that the AFC has merged with the PNC led APNU,Air Max Baratas Espa?a, will those “Indians” still vote for the coalition? I personally doubt that very much. Speaking about Nagamootoo, I was amused watching a video of him trying to attack the PPP candidate for Prime Minister, Liz Harper. The PPP placed the opposition in a “tough” position to attack Harper who obviously has an unblemished record. She has made domestic abuse one of her platform issues, so Nagamootoo thought he “saw “ an opening by attacking her for sharing the same platform with former President Bharrat Jagdeo (over allegations of how Jagdeo treated his ex-wife).First he disrespected her by referring to her as “dis lady Harper” but completely forgot that he shared the same party with Bharrat Jagdeo for years before he defected and never said a word (that I know of) about the alleged abuse.This notion of a few top PPP officials crossing over to the PNC to give some resemblance of racial balance has been tried before. When the PNC was in office,NCAA Jerseys Wholesale, three notable top PPP officials that went over to the PNC included Harry Lall who was President of GAWU, Ranji Chandisingh who became a PNC Minister and Vincent Teekah, who was murdered (some say assassinated) while as a Minister in the PNC government. His murder remains unsolved, even though some felt that his murderer is still around.In fact the suspected murderer of Vincent Teekah spoke over the coffin of Courtney Crum-Ewing who himself was assassinated. How ironic.Ideal unity would for a PPP-APNU government. At that point one could without doubt say political unity has been achieved,Cheap Jerseys Online, but then again that will also have its downside. If the only two main political parties form the government, who is going to watch over them? It’s not good for democracy if you do not have an opposition.If the PPP and APNU (this will bury the AFC) ever merged you will then hear cries of a one party state; you see where this is going. In politics you can’t please everyone. Even if you solve the unity issue, you create another problem.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected] and Facebook.
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