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An electrician by profession, he was able to survive in the city by making a comfortable life for himself.And so as he considered how he would cautiously undertake the task of informing his mother, he devised a plan outlining how he would do so before actually introducing his sweetheart.It was while performing his duty as an electrician that he would meet Jen.  It was all by accident or perhaps some would say it was just fate &#8211; they were destined to meet. It was a bright February morning and Russell was on his way to complete the wiring of a property and was only too happy to be done with it. However, his arrival at the property which was situated a few yards away from his home would not flow as smoothly as he had anticipated.  This was due to the fact that no one was home at the time. Having no place else to be at the time,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, he decided to wait for a while. 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It was not that she was ‘drop dead gorgeous’ but the simplicity with which she was garbed and her natural appearance, coupled with her friendly smile, caused him to really notice her.Turns out she was the one to assist him to get into the building he was tasked with wiring, and would remain there throughout the task.  A late start was no bugbear as he was in good company.  The bond between the two would eventually develop considerably, blossoming into what would seem a lasting relationship.Two years later they were deeply in love and were already making plans for a future together.  And so it was against this background that he decided to disclose his intentions to his mother &#8211; but certainly not in a simple way…not by any stretch of the imagination were his plans going to be simple.In fact his plans were not disclosed to either his mother or his sweetheart, but were designed to be pleasing to both individuals in his mind. Christmas Eve saw him making the final arrangements which included him reminding his mother that he intended to visit and would be there by Christmas morning to have an old-fashioned family Christmas breakfast. At the last minute he mentioned his intention to bring along a friend.Of course his friend was Jen, who was on Christmas Eve busy preparing herself and doing last-minute packing for an outing with the love of her life to a destination that was yet unknown to her.  She was, however, extremely excited to spend Christmas away from home for a change.  At 27, all she ever knew was the regular city Christmas with her parents and had never even imagined spending the holiday away from home…but the offer to try something new tantalized her imagination &#8211; she was all for it.Meanwhile, excitement would envelop Russell’s mother who hurriedly started making preparations for her son’s arrival. In a household of five other individuals, Russell remembered that Christmas morning breakfast at his mother’s house was on par with a feast fitting for a king. His mother was of such a hospitable nature that she engaged an immense bustle which soon saw her heading down to the city,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, maybe for a second time in two days, to do some late shopping to ensure that there was more than enough to eat and drink and then some.By late afternoon on Christmas Eve,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Russell and Jen were happily on their way to Linden bearing a variety of gifts for his mother and other family members. Tucked securely in one of Russell’s pockets was yet another gift – one intended for Jen which he was extremely proud of too.Their journey to the mining town saw them passing a number of scenic views before coming across what appeared to be a small accident.  It was nothing major; in fact it was all too familiar a sight for the speeding route 43 bus driver to brake for.  And so they casually passed the scene bound for Linden.Christmas Eve night quickly turned into Christmas morning, but no delicious smells were emanating from his mother’s kitchen as he had expected. In fact there was no stirring in the house; there was an unusual deafening silence that pierced his eardrums as he emerged from a restful night’s sleep.The previous day’s event came rushing back to him and then a reality check; something was wrong…something had to have gone absolutely wrong for Christmas Day to seem so cheerless even so early in the morn.  Then he recalled that he had not seen or heard from his mother last night.  His mother’s house was never locked, so he and his sweetheart had just let themselves in. He decided to check her room but she was not there, it was as if her bed was not slept in; or was it up that she had awoken hours ago? It just didn’t seem possible.Was she even home last night? He would soon get what would turn out to be the most shocking and distressing news of his life. Relatives and friends who should have been a part of the planned Christmas morning breakfast were all pouring in the house with saddened faces. Russell’s mother had died hours before he reached to Linden in a freak vehicular accident on the highway. Turns out his mother was fatally injured in that very small accident scene he had passed. And there was no way that he could forgive himself for not wanting to stop. Maybe there was something he could have done? Perhaps he could have spoken to his mother for the last time but no, he was too engrossed with his sweetheart to do that!Consumed with regret and the disturbing feeling that he was to be blamed for the tragedy Russell made the damning decision to part ways with his sweetheart. His rationale was premised on the fact that without his mother’s approval and blessings, things perhaps would not work out anyway. Perhaps remaining in that relationship would remain too much of a reminder of how close he came to sharing what could’ve been the best news of his life.  If only Christmas was one day earlier!
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