Girls of Desire: All babes in one place, crazy, art

Girls of Desire: All babes in one place, crazy, art

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On Monday December 3, 1973, the Guyana Airways Twin Otter aircraft 8R-GCP departed Ogle airstripFrankie Watsonabout 9:00 a.m. for a flight which was routed, Ogle /Ekereku /Ogle. The crew that morning was Captain Walter Danraj, Co-pilot Frank Watson and Compton DaSilva as the third crew.On landing at Ekereku, Capt. Danraj called the radio room at Timehri and gave a report which indicated that the weather conditions were marginal in the area. He even gave a route weather report,Cheap Air Max Australia, adding that he encountered strong Northerly winds at 10,000 feet. (This was told to me by the radio operator that day, Mr. Subhan Alli.)The Captain was then informed by Flight Operations that there was a change in his route. He should route his return flight Ekereku/Kurupung /Ogle, in order to pick up a sick person at Kurupung.The aircraft departed Ekereku for Kurupung, but crashed during the descent into Kurupung. Captain Walter Danraj, Co-pilot Frank Watson, 23, and the sole passenger, a Mr. Benn, perished in the crash. The lone survivor was the third crew,Site Air Max Pas Cher, Mr. Compton Da Silva.On the afternoon of Thursday, December 6, Mr. DaSilva and Mr. Benn’s body were extracted from the crash site (one at a time by a special helicopter sourced from Puerto Rico) and flown to Kurupung and then to Ogle by aircraft. The helicopter had the capability of hovering at the high altitude in the mountainous area above the crash site while lowering and raising the rescue bucket.Due to the nature of the wreckage, it was not practicable to extract Danraj and Watson, because the entire front and mid- section of the fuselage were buried in the rubble. Myself and another Guyana Airways pilot,Cheap Jerseys From China, Cecil Sahoy, spent three days at Kurupung giving weather information and keeping in contact with the G.A.C. radio room at Timehri, duringCapt Walter Danrajthe search and rescue operations.The medical team conducted a preliminary medical examination of the survivor at Kurupung. They completed their work just in time. Shortly after the GDF Islander took off for Ogle with the survivor and the medical team, the rain came down in torrents and it continued to rain the entire night. No other aircraft could have landed at or departed from Kurupung that afternoon.Myself, Sahoy and the helicopter crew spent the night at that location. Yesterday, Saturday December 3, 2016, marks the 43rd. anniversary of that tragedy.Compton DaSilva had recounted that he and Benn were sitting in the last row of the aircraft cabin. As they were descending into Kurupung in cloudy conditions,Cheap Jordan Shoes Free Shipping, he had a momentary flash of trees nearby. When he regained consciousness it was very dark, he was in clouds surrounded by trees and it was raining. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, he saw the tail of the Twin Otter a short distance away between the trees, the wings were ripped off and the front end was buried deep in the ground.He heard a groan, but he was too weak to move. After some time the groaning stopped. When it became daylight,China NFL Hoodies, he crawled towards the tail of the aircraft. The seats were ripped off due to the force of the impact. Benn was outside the aircraft and he was dead. He located the Jungle Survival Kit some distance behind the tail. This kit is normally kept on a shelf in the Aft Baggage Compartment. In the kit,Stitched Jerseys, there were lots of barley sweets and packets of drinking water. He survived on those items until he was rescued.The Twin Otter Aircraft 8R-GCP at Konashen.He took out the Flare Gun and the Flares from the kit and waited for the sound of overflying aircraft. Whenever he heard an aircraft overhead he fired a flare. However, it was overcast and the flares were not seen. With just one flare remaining he decided to wait until he can see some blue skies while hearing the aircraft overhead. That opportunity came on Wednesday afternoon.Captain Philip Jardim of Guyana Airways flying a GDF Islander saw the flare and pinpointed the spot. When overhead the mountain cliff, he barely spotted Charlie PaPa’s tail through the dense canopy, the lush overgrowth and the thick undergrowth of Guyana’s unforgiving jungle. That was a lucky break,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, for if the canopy had folded over, which inevitably happens, the aircraft would not have been found.Compton DaSilva lost quite a few of his teeth in that accident and after several months he became completely grey. However he recovered nicely from that traumatic experience and maintained his jovial personality. He continued to work at Guyana Airways for several more years until he passed on.Frankie Watson was my close friend and GAC batch mate at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University from June 1970 to March 1971 as students in the Professional Pilot Programme. We both joined Guyana Airways in April 1971.Frankie, a talented footballer, was a founder member and the first President of the Pele Football Club. He was also a valuable member of the Embry Riddle Soccer Team and made several competitive tours with the team in the State of Florida during his stay at Embry Riddle.Captain Danraj was a very meticulous pilot who always wore his cap to work except on the day he crashed. His wife said that he forgot his cap that morning. He was pleasant and quite helpful to younger pilots. I remember him holding the position of Secretary of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA- Guyana).His wife, Mabel, returned to Scotland with their three young children after her husband’s death.Mr. Benn was a valued customer of Guyana Airways. May all of their souls continue to rest in peace. (Lloyd H Marshall)
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