How to use a personal vibrator

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How to use a personal vibrator

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How does a vibrator work youtube

How to get a vibrator without parents knowing

5 ideas to give money at a wedding in an original way
A wedding is always a reason for joy and we relate it to fun, but it also has a series of questions associated with it that we do not always know how to solve. Beyond which look to choose or if a pamela fits or not by the budget you have there are other issues that we are never clear. What to give to the couple is one of them and if you do not know much, they have not put a wedding list, it is better that they buy what they want with money is the most practical.

It is not surprising that each time people turn more and more to give money, because at this point, in addition, when a couple is married and usually have a home with everything, or almost everything you need. So cash is a good option, both for the couple and for the one who gives them. But there is no doubt that money is important, but impersonal.
You can present the money with origami forms
You can choose to make a transfer to the account number of the couple, which sometimes include it in the invitation itself, so it is easy to get it and a very practical and fast option. But there is no doubt that giving away cash is the most frequent. Beyond the classic envelope with the name of the couple there are ways to deliver it in an original way.
Beyond the envelope If you opt for one of these systems, the couple will remember that it was what you gave them and it will make them much more excited than opening a simple envelope. Although the gift in question is the same, the fact of personalizing shows that you have bothered to make it special and original. And so you do not break your head thinking how to do it here we bring you five ideas. For most of them it is not necessary to know special techniques, just to have a little mana.
Money in origami We start with one of the ways to give money for a very original wedding that will make your present not go unnoticed. It involves using bills to create origami figures. The possibilities are many and if you have a little hand in the creation of figures you can get to create really interesting and beautiful pieces.
You can create a bouquet of flowers with the tickets
On the internet there are many tutorials from which you can learn this oriental technique and from which to get ideas with an original result. Once you have your creations of ready tickets enter them in a box, so that they do not lose the form and so that the surprise of the fianc2es when abrir it is still greater. If you decide to create flowers, present them in the form of a bouquet and if you opt for a fish, a small fish tank will make the surprise of the bride and groom a capital.
The sweetest gift We all like sweets and if in addition to money you give the bride and groom some jelly beans or chocolates they will be delighted with your present. It is something that you can organize in just a few minutes and that is not an extraordinary expense either. Introduce the sweets in a pot or a cardboard box and on them an envelope with the money. As simple as this.
Decorate the wrapping in a personalized way with bows, laces or washitape. And do not forget to create a card or a label with a dedication for the couple that is going to get married. An important aspect is to prepare this original presentation with little advance, so that the sweets do not harden. The best thing to do is to do it the same day you are going to give it so that it stays fresh. If you are good at confectionery instead of sweets you can prepare some cookies or cupcakes and put the envelope in the box. Surely giving away money has never been so sweet.
Money in a balloon Who has never fantasized about a rain of bills. Well, you can make this dream come true, even if it is not for you if it is for those who are going to celebrate their wedding. Enter the tickets in a balloon, inflate it and deliver it. The surprise will be capitalized when they see you give them a balloon and nothing else. Instead of a balloon you can use a pinata, to which you can add sweets or confetti. In this case, and if you want to have a good time, you can give them the gift in loose money, that is, coins or five-euro bills, so that the rain is even greater.
A piggy bank with money for the couple to start saving
For thrifty boyfriends Organizing a wedding and launching a new life in common is a very important expense for most couples. Thinking about this, what some may need is a piggy bank and it is better that you start your savings with your gift. Buy one that is original, perhaps with some reason allusive to a fondness of the couple, and enter inside the money you have planned to give them.
Win the gift The last proposal of gift of money supposes an effort for you and for the fianc2es, but also it is the most entertaining. It consists of creating an adventure whose reward is the money that you will give as a gift. You can create questions whose answers allow you to go through tests until you get the prize. That or create a small contest with fun tests and the same purpose.
The more personalized and original is the way you choose to give money, the better you will leave your mouth because you will make your gift unforgettable. Do not forget to always add a personalized dedication.

Can i use my phone as a vibrator
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