Jogen Chaudhary – Artist Use a lot of Nature Element

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Jogen Chaudhary – Artist Use a lot of Nature Element

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Jogen Chowdhury is an eminent Indian painter and considered an important painter of 21st century India. He was born in 1939, Faridpur district Bengal. He graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and subsequently at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1967.
Jogen Chowdhury had developed his individual style after his return from Paris. Jogen Chowdhury himself is a master of lines and he has mastered to make the curves depict the character of his figures. He is known for his ability to successfully marry traditional imagery with the zeitgeist of contemporary painting, in a skillful blend of an urbane self-awareness and a highly localized Bengali influence. His most famous paintings are in ink, water color, and pastel and has painted in oil medium as well. The flowing line contouring flabby figures of men and women in provocative poses form a distinct characteristic feature in his style. The power and beauty of his technique lies in his use of color to give volume to the figures and the fluidity of lines to depict sensuality of the forms. He plays the vigor of a strong pastel line against the richness of a pebbled ink treatment. And while his preferred idiom is the compelling black line – thick as a rope or cross-hatched like a net that will not allow the smallest nuance of emotion to escape he has also opened his frames to tints of muted grey, chalky blue and ochre.
Due to his long association with the handloom houses and because of his fascination for design concepts in alpana works that he had learnt from his mother, his works show unbroken lines. His figures are often distorted, abstracted and in color-works he uses flat colors with contrasting hues.
He is fascinated by history. Having experienced the traumatic effects of the Partition, dislocation and a sense of isolation, his figures reflect an intractable solitude. Even when he paints a couple, the two are detached and distant from each other. His individual figures are usually more sensuous – the woman caressing herself, if a man, curled in pain with raw wounds on his body. His imagery is organic and emerges as protuberances or growths from within. His works are also social and political comments; he either protests or sublimates the injuries to or of the human condition. His ability to juxtapose contrary emotions, the real and imaginary and the known and unknown, make his art not only a form of self-expression but a reflection, of a collective and subjective consciousness.
He has immense contribution in inspiring young artists of India. In 1986, Jogen represented India in the 'Festival of Art' in Baghdadwi. In 1987, Jogen Chowdhury joined Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan as professor of painting. Beside his numerous paintings, exhibitions, he has written extensively on contemporary art. He was also appointed as Juror in several exhibitions.
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